shared customers and vendors across all companies in ax2012

Dear all,

i’am implementing a new project at customer which is huge holding company with about 6 subsidiary companies, the customers and vendors shared for all companies, can i make customers and vendors to be shared across multiple companies in ax 2012 (like chart of accounts which can be shared across all companies in ax 2012)



use virtual companies and table collections to share the data across companies.

Be aware of some of the limitations here if you go this way, credit limits, intercompany setup etc.

I know this is an old post but could you please give an example of the limitation ?

The limitations of sharing customers & vendors are things such as: - If a customer has a different credit limit in the various subsidiaries. The limit will be the same for all. - If intercompany trade is being used, a customer could be set up for trade as only one relationship. For example, if Co A sells to Co B; and, Co C sells to Co B, you would need to create TWO customers for Co B: one for the relationship with Co A, and one for the relationship with Co C. - When customers & vendors are being shared, most of other setup (reference) tables should be shared as well. For example, when Terms of payment is selected on a customer in one legal entity the same value should exist in all other legal entities so that other entities don’t get an error when processing something for this customer. - If sales tax is being used, there may be some challenge when selecting the appropriate sales tax group when the legal entities are foreign companies (i.e. Canada, Mexico), and the customer is sold to from more than one entity. - Currency may be an issue if multiple legal entities sell to the same customer. Brent

Excellent Thank you.