Share customers/ vendors

HI all,

I would like to use same vendor or same customer

  • Same customers/same vendors accounts

  • Same number sequence sued for vendors and customers

The goal at the end is to have the same vendor account number that I can share in selected companies.

I used Configure cross-company data sharing but I received this error message " A party id is used by vendors with different account numbers in the companies being shared. The policy cannot be enabled unless the vendor account numbers are the same."

It’s strange as the number sequence used for customers is shared between companies

Any help is appreciated


can you check the vendtable in sql for records that share the same party id?

Hi jake, I’m not sure to understand what needs to be done here. I dont have access to sql records. i am more on functional side.

Hey taty,

Try using the table browser to verify that there aren’t records in multiple companies that share the same party ID. It seems like there might be, and you’re going to have to address those conflicts.

Dear Taty,

Can use global address book for same

You can apply to do it here