Share a post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Email or many other sites

Have you noticed the new button SHARE on forum or blog posts here on DUG?

This new button allow you to share the specific page with your friends outside of the Dynamics User Group, on social networks and sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, Twitter. In total 47 different sites. But you can also save that page to your browser favorites or send it to a friend/coworker by email.

How to use?

When you just touch the button with your mouse (not clicking) then it shows a list of the “featured” sharing options. This includes email, favorites, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

If you want to send to any of these options then you click on the option. Please notice that nothing is send or shared just because you click. You will always get the option of escaping out of the selected option, if you regret your choice.

If you instead clicks on the SHARE button, then you get the full list of options:

Share on Facebook

If you want to share the page on Facebook, then you click on the Facebook option. This opens up a new browser window.

Here you can select either to post it to your wall on your own Facebook profile, or you can send it directly as a message to some of your friends on Facebook.

Share on LinkedIn

You can also share it on LinkedIn. It works the same was as for Facebook, opens up a new browser page.

Where Facebook automatically took the description from the webpage you clicked the Share button, then on Linkedin all you get is the pagetitle. The rest you need to enter. Typically you would enter in the source field. You just have to enter it. When you click continue, then you get a new page, where you can choose to share it with either your connections on LinkedIn or any group you might be a member on (example: Microsoft Dynamics User Group = DUG on LinkedIn).

Share with a friend (Email)

The last option I will explain here is how to send the link by email. If you click this option then you get this form:

Here you need to enter the email address(es) of your friend(s), your own email address and the message you want to pass along with the email. That’s all.