Several sheets using table "370 Excel Buffer"

How do I create more than one sheet in one workbook using table 370 ? If I use the following code, I get 1 book with 1 sheet : ExcelBuf.CreateBook(); ExcelBuf.INIT; ExcelBuf.VALIDATE(“Row No.”,1); ExcelBuf.VALIDATE(“Column No.”,1); ExcelBuf.“Cell Value as Text” := ‘Sheet no 1’; ExcelBuf.INSERT; ExcelBuf.CreateSheet(’’,‘ABC’,COMPANYNAME,USERID); ExcelBuf.GiveUserControl; I can see that there is a function called “SelectSheetsName” in table 370, but I can’t find out how to use this. Can anyone help with this [:I]

Add new function to ExcelBuffer table that adds new WorkSheeet like: AddSheet() XlWorkSheet := XlWorkBook.Worksheets.Add; Then when you create your Excel sheet place following code: IF FirstSheetCreated THEN BEGIN ExcelBuf.AddSheet; ExcelBuf.CreateSheet(SheetName,’’,COMPANYNAME,USERID); END ELSE BEGIN ExcelBuf.CreateSheet(SheetName,’’,COMPANYNAME,USERID); FirstSheetCreated := TRUE; END

where and how to add function to ExcelBuffer? Thanks ^^