Setup Vendor for Amounts printing on PO

Hi all, How can I setup live vendors so I can have all amounts ( price and taxes) printed on the PO automatically without changing the setting on each vendor and ticked off the field " purchase order prices/amounts" ? Any idea is appreciated

You can use fill utility function to bulk update the records. For the mentioned requirement, I suggest you to use the “fill utility”.

Below article helps you.

However, you should be cautious if you try using that for any other updates as it doesn’t do the required validations before updating.

In the Procurement and sourcing parameters > Setup > Parameters

In the general tab

Tick the checkbox Purchase order prices/amount

that’s going to effect the new vendors creation but doesn’t update the setting for existing vendors.

After updating the existing vendors, you may check this parameter to get it defaulted on a new vendor creation.

@ sumit - Good that you mentioned this. I forgot to add this before.

Thanks Santosh I’ll try it. I only need this for this specific requirement.

Hi Sumit, The box was already set to YES. The problem here is because Vendors were upload before that setting, they didnt have that set to YES. For the new vendors it will work fine. I think Santosh has the anwer. Thanks anyway for your feedback.