setup user group permission for EDIT in the ROUTE


In AX2009, under the IM> Item details> Route, we can setup the route version, with all the related info in the route detail / line.

AX route line is using the MAP function (RouteOprMap). Based on my finding, Ax use the table ProdRoute, RouteOpr, Route to store the route info such as workcenter, process qty, oprid, etc…

How can we setup the user group security permission for Route line just for EDIT “RouteOpr.Process Qty” column, the other columns will be VIEW only.

i try so many method, like setting in the form and table for RouteOpr and ProdRoute, but still not working. Once it allow EDIT, all the column can be editing. Else all the column will be only VIEW.

i believe it is related to the MAP, can someone please advice. Thanks.