Setup of UPS Thermal Printer in E-Ship to work over Terminal Services

My second location runs NAV from a terminal server and they still use E-Ship to ship all UPS and FedEx out of the system. What is the best way to setup the UPS Label printer so the terminal server knows where to print. Say if you don’t have a terminal server you just set it up to go to the LPT port on the PC that it is connected, but for the branch office using a terminal server the printer is not attached to the terminal server.

Do you just map the LPT port to a network printer (share the printer off of the users’s PC)? Like this net use LPT3 \pcname\sharename /persistent:yes And then do you just put that LPT port in the E-Ship setup? Mine currently is like this in a way, but the LPT port in E-Ship is LPT3:. I am confused why the colon is after it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for the help. I am having some problems and that is why I ask. Thanks again.

I prefer to just use IP printing. Just get a network adapter that plugs straight into your printer.

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A local user printer in TS isn’t an easy task to work perfectly. From what I have read it only be solved in next version of Windows Server.

Has David said, it’s preferred to use direct IP address.

Just buy a network adapter for the label printers and then in E-Ship for the port, just put the IP Address? Is that they way you would configure it in E-Ship. If so, that seems really easy and I can see how that would be more effective. Thanks again guys.

Basically yes. But make sure to buy good quality adapters, the cheap ones can wreak havoc on your network.

When you say good quality adapters, do you mean the ones from Zebra or another vendor? I can understand how bad ones mess it up.

Yes best would be an official Zebra Ethernet adapter card for that printer. But other wise a good quality name brand IP adapter. Intel used to make the best ones, but they went through a patch of delivering some really bad stuff, and not sure if they even sell them still.

With Zebra Printers I always used Symbol adapters and I never had problems

Just a correction.
I have used Symbol in wireless networks.
In wired printers obvious I have used Ethernet cards com Zebra.

The issue is that I have seen cases where cheap Ethernet adapters can crash the Navision server. On workstations and of course servers, people generally use Quality equipment, but sometimes printers are not considered as so important, so they use $19.99 adapters. One client spent well over $10k just to find out where there network was dying and killing Navision, only to find that they had these cheap no name adapters on a hand full of printers. They didn’t turn out to be so cheap.

Thanks again for the advice. Since we just installed the FedEx module, I just ordered a new printer for FedEx with the built in ethernet adapter. At the same time, I am going to order the network adapter for the existing UPS printer that we have. Thanks again for all the advice. Depending if setup works correctly, I might be bugging you guys again.

This is definitely the best solution.

Hey fell very welcome, this site is all about community and helping one another. [Y]

Hey guys. I just go around to setting my new Zebra printer with IP up and I am having some problems. For the port name I should just put the IP address correct? I put in Does it need to be \ or something else? Thanks for the help.

In workstation/server you create a port a map it to IP Address

Port Name → IP Address

I am a little confused. Where do I need to do this? and what exactly? Sorry, but it just isn’t registering in my brain today.

on the terminal server you can run the add printer wizard.

install local printer, un-check the box automatically detect plug and play printer

then press next. and select create new port. standard tcp/ip port

enter just the ip address this wizard files it in correctly.

Share the printer, and then everyone who accesses the terminal server from the second location can use the printer


We’ve been trying to get this to work as well and found your information. So, in the Packing Station, what do you put for the UPS Label Port?


I usually just use


etc. So it’s whatever you named it.

perhaps IP_10.10.0.220 I think the wizard defaults the name to this unless you chnaged it to FedEx Printer or something.


I am trying to setup Navision 5 with UPS eShip on terminal server where the local printer is accross a T1 (1.5 Mbps) VPN connection. My label printer is a Zebra 2844 and I bought the ZebraNet PrintServer II. When I try to use the ip printer port on the terminal server, I don’t get an error, but nothing prints. I noticed that you said to share the printer I am not doing that. Is that Important?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi dmvdmv,

Did you get this working. I have followed everything in this post and it is not working. All I get from my Navision provider is that Lanham eship does not support network printing and Lanham eship does not support Terminal Server. I have even tried to setup eship on the local PC using a Zebra print server. Test prints from windows work, but eship will not send to that printer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.