Setup import from Excel into General Journals

I wanted to know if someone can explain me how to setup an import from Excel to Financial management=>General Journals => DEFAULT batch so we can see the entries before posting them.

We have the following addon on our system :

I tried to process like this but it doesn’t work (and it is hard to understand the system as I don’t have the full picture of the database):

Thank you !


This AddOn is not usable in your case, it’s aimed more towards bulk-filling Master data or temporary tables.

The normal sequence would be using it to fill in data in intermediate buffer table, and then run a code that transfers data to Journal Lines.


  • data must be validated (e.g. non-existent values for account #, template name etc etc, plus all Code-type fields must be UPPERCASE)
  • many derived fields (e.g. Descriptions, default Dims) are filled in automatically during validating, and ORDER of filling in fields is thus important
  • other tables are populated in background, too, not only single Journal line table when you enter data in a Journal (e.g. Dimensions related tables)

PS Last but not least - LineNo starts with 10000 and increments by 10000. It’s not critical, but commonly agreed, as such numbering allows to insert additional lines in between existing ones, there is a special function in NAV dealing with this issue.

Thanks a lot !

So I checked to understand a little bit more the C/side and technical part of Navision before coming back to you and it is a little bit more clear.

What I understand is that I should create a table from object designer tools that contains: Description, posting dates, account no. etc. like in the picture sent into my first request. And then I need to create a Form that will take information from that Table to fill in the Gen. Journal Line with Line No. increment of 10000 ?

Can you confirm me that?

PS: is there a good website to learn how to do such technical things? I have access to CustomerSource but it seems to have study material for some subject but not a clear guide to understand the technical part when we start from nothing


First & foremost - which NAV version you use? As screenshot shows Classic Client it’s maximum 2009, maybe earlier.

It’s not easy at all to accomplish all the following for untrained people, but here’s the scenario in general with no details:

  1. Create an intermediate table with all the fields you want to fill in the journal. You need to buy and include in your license additional TABLES + TableDesigner to be able to do that.

  2. Transfer from EXCEL to that Table can be performed with that addon. Alternatively, a DataPort can be created, but that “eats” only TXT, CSV and like files.

  3. Create a REPORT, which will transfer data from intermediate table to Journal (YES, Navision reports among other things can UPDATE data!) You need to buy and include in your license additional REPORTS + ReportDesigner to be able to do that.

  4. Open the Journal / Batch, revise and post it.

In fact, no.

All the above requires NAV architecture knowledge and C/AL programming skills well above minimal, and for enduser it’s often cheaper and by no means faster to order the solution to Partner company, than buying additional tools and learn to do it themselves…

My apologies for postponed answer, I’m online here regularly, but rarely :slight_smile: