Setup for invoice posting.

What are the necessary setup i have to do in order to post an invoice in AX2012? Such as posting profile, posting definition, maximum penny difference. Can anyone provide list of setup i should do? I am having problem in the invoice posting. Please


Posting profiles needed as you said and important setup is at Item group form (Sales order, Purchase order, Inventory, Production (tabs)) … you need to assign chart of accounts in this item groups form. Vendor and customer needs to get assigned Invoice account. Currency and its exchange rates needs to setup properly. and Currency needs to get assigned to customer or vendor at their respective forms.

Thanks for the information. I will check out on all of these setup.

Hye Sarathy, i checked all the setup ready. Everything is ok. Any other left?

Hey, try to post the invoice in PO or SO… I hope now you will be able to post the Invoice without any problem.

Good luck der.