Setup Email AX 2012

I configuration email parameters in sys. administration menu. and create new email template in Organization Administration**.**

i want to create method clicked to send an email. but every i look the email sending status is waiting … after i open batch and click OK email sending status Failed.

can you all to help this issue ?

or i pass the confuguration ?


Did you resolve the issue? I am also facing the same issue and not getting where I am missing the setup. Any help will be much appreciated.

did you get any solution??

They key is why the batch failed. Have any error been message logged? Maybe the SMTP parameters aren’t correct, there may be a problem with authentication and so on.


I have followed the above link for email configuration, and the SMTP parameters are as shown in the above snapshot. Please guide me as to why to I am going wrong!!!


I think problem is in password in the email parameter form.If password which is larger than 8 digit is not accepted ,when I try to enter my password the length of my password is 13 digit and it changes to 8 digit…and when I try my different gmail Id and follow the whole process of email configuration and it again show the email sending status is waiting… is there any solution for this problem . Please help

Don’t worry about the displayed password length, it’s related to the fact that the password is encrypted. You can call SysEmailParameters::password() to verify that it’s all right.