setup data exchange definition and incoming documents to create journal lines


This is my first post on here. I’m trying to set up incoming documents in Nav 2018 so I can create general ledger general lines from an excel file.

Despite hours of searching I cant find an example of how to configure the data exchange definition so this works. Does anybody have an example of this working?

I asked our dealer and they told me it doesn’t work.



Hi [mention:b0f2616dbfa64ac382eb5c9e693b042b:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] and welcome to DUG.

I may not be the most experienced, when it comes to the data exchange framework, but I did work quite a bit with it. And I’m sure that your dealer is correct that it is possible.

But is not something that I would ever ask end user to do on their own, unless they already had extensive knowledge about NAV and Excel on a technical level.

And exactly what is that you want to do? Why do you want to use “incoming documents” (a solution primary made to handle OCR scanning of documents). Unless it something you want to automate (and even if not), then I would “just” use the same data exchange definitions for bank statement imports into the general journal lines.

Doable but not easy. It would be something I with 30+ years experience would estimate to take between 1-3 days (without any further analysis). More if it should use the incoming document feature.


Thanks for your reply. Sorry but our dealer said it does NOT work. They have wasted hours trying to configure data exchange in the past but to no joy.

We do 500 line journals so copy/paste is not a reliable option. Rapidstart works but is very powerful to let users have. Incoming documents appears to be a user friendly process and existing functionality for bringing external documents into NAV.

Yes I have setup bank import before (took an hour) but I’m unsure which code unit to use for general journal line import from excel file. Do you have a sample of data exchange definition settings for excel?


There is no data exchange definition for excel - You can only use comma, semicolon or fixed formats - so you have to save your data as one of those formats.

If you want to see what the codeunits for importing data into a General Journal are, then take a look of one of the salery formats - the import directly into table 81 - Gen. Journal Line.

But as Erik says, this is not something that we would reccommend to to yourself unless you are very experienced in table 81 and what fields to import data into.

HI Palle

Thanks for your response. Would you be able to let me have a link to an example of the salary format data exchange definition? I did find one post but when I used the settings I got an error message about file format not being XML (it was csv).

Yes I am comfortable with table 81 and I can easily import dimensional journals from excel into Nav using rapidstart. But I’m looking for a user friendly way to import general journals from excel. Similar to the way budget import works in Nav. Going via csv file is not an issue




If you do the following

  1. search for Data Exchange Definitions

  2. Edit the SEPA CAMT format

  3. Look for the Field in the First column FILETYPE = then you can see that it is called XML

  4. Look for the Field in the first column TYPE = Bank Statement Report = here you can select a type called Payroll Import

So basically you have to create a new definition with the filetype =xml, type = payroll import and then your next step is then to find out what codeunit you should use for importing it is probably probably 1240 - I have not resently tried it.