Setting user roles and security in NAV 5.0

Has anybody found out how to set permission “NO” in role settings.
Only permissions that I can set up are “YES”, “INDIRECT” and “BLANK”.

Is there any way to develop this new setting or?

Plase heeeelp…


No is blank. All blanks are overridden by Indirects and all Indirects are overridden by Yes. At least I think I remember that right. It’s been a while since I did any complex permissions work.

Hey Matt.

Thanks for quick reply, but this doesn’t seem to solution to my problem.

I think that I need to describe my situation a little better.

I have situation on one client, that i need to set up user roles which will see particular menu items, and some menu items need to be invisible (hidden). When I was seeting up roles I found that I need to add all objects and items to role, set them to “YES”, and on particular objects/forms/tables leave “BLANK”: My question is do I need to do this again (include all objects) or is there any way to just include objects that I want to be hidden. This particular client is not our original client, so I don’t know all objects and data that is in it’s structure and beacuse of this first solution isn’t right for me - in fact it is not applicable.

NAV permissions are based on GIVING permission to something, not taking it away. So you can’t just say you don’t want the user to have access Table X and Form Y.

Setting up real permissions is not an easy task. It’s a lot of time and effort. If you need to hide menus on the menusuite you can design it, then right click on the menu, and go to Assign Users. That could solve some of your problems.

Thanks Matt for reply.

I found that setting permissions in NAV is a time taking task, and just got into logic of things.

Do you know some kind of tool or application that could be used to ease tasks regarding setting user permissions in NAV?



If your using Windows Login security you make a group on your Windows domain and give the user rights to the group. Inside Navision you set the permissions to the group not the user. The user gets rights from the group. This saves a lot of time instead of setting each individual users permission.


CRONUS\NAV-AMPayables // NAV-AMPayables is the group set the permissions to this group.

Hi Filip,

we have designed an addon for this - have a look in the addon section.

Dave thanks for reply.

Do you happen to know name of this add-on for setting user roles?



Hi Filip,

SD Security is the add-on we have for this.