Setting up security for territory reps

Hello - I need help determining how to set up security in Dynamics CRM so that we can ensure territory reps do not see each others accounts that they are assigned. We have a traditional structure with a VP Sales, Sales Manager and then Territory reps that are assigned by three digit zip. I have to believe there is a way to do this. Thank you

My technical resource is adding Java script and I’m convinced we should be able to do this without custom code

Hi. This is absolutely capable with OOB functionality. I’d suggest you take a look at as a starting point, with seeing how you can grant different levels of access, as well as set up a hierarchy model.

Yeah, I agree with CRM Ninja (great name by the way!!) - you can definitely do this with OOB. There’s no need for JavaScript.

What security role is applied to your territory reps and what permissions do they have on the Account entity? (you can copy & paste the Account line with bubbles if that helps!)