Setting the Financial Dimensions of purchase order as mandatory

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Good evening every one.

Can any one suggest me how to set Financial Dimensions of purchase order as mandatory while posting a purchase order in ax 2012?

Are you asking for existence of any setup or do you need a piece of code?

Piece of code to enabling financial dimensions as mandatory while posting PO/SO in ax 12

Do you want to validate the header or line level dimensions? please elaborate and provide as much information you can.

Thanks for the reply Kranthi,

I need Validation of Financial dimensions in the header.

this validation have to come in action while saving the SO/PO.

if you want to do the validation while saving, you can have it in validateWrite of the table.

You can check the defaultDimenson field on PurchTable for doing the validation.

For reference see, \Data Dictionary\Tables\AccountingDistributionTemplateDetail\Methods\validateWrite