Setting Test System

Hi All,

I Have been trying to set up a test system since two days. Here is what i did.

  1. The Production system is using windows server 2003 & am setting up the test system in windows Server 2008.
  2. I installed AOS,Application file in the server 2008 and then copied the application files from the folder C:\program Files\Microsoft Dynamic AX 2009\50\application\appl
  3. And pasted it in the windows server 2008 same location C:\program Files\Microsoft Dynamic AX 2009\50\application\app.
  4. Then i opened SQL server 2008 R2 server management studio and restored the Database of the production system
  5. Started the AOS and tried to open AX client its showing error

Am getting the following ERROR

You don have the User rights to login in.

Please Suggest me what i can do to set up the test system

Thanks in advance…


First of all, you haven’t mentioned the AX version. It is AX2009, right?

Did you have an access to the production system from which you copied data at the moment when you were restoring the DB?

I hope the new AOS is pointing to the correct DB?

Did you start the AX client with the correct TEST configuration?


Hi Janis,

Yes it’s Ax 2009.

Ya i have access to the production system i installed the new AOS with database name AXDATABASE and i restored the production system data to this database

Take a look at this article:

Hi Janis,

Thanks for the reply the Link was really good… But i couldn’t solve my issue because i don’t have partner profile ID so can you suggest anything else

Hi All,

I resolved the issue by following these steps.

  1. Restore the database to the AX Database mentioned during installation. Before restoring please make sure that the AOS is stopped

  2. Open the SQL server management studio and select the AX Database and then goto the tables and look for DBO.USERINFO table

and then rightclick this table and goto edit top 200 rows and then look for the two field SID and NetworkDomain

  1. Enter the Test System Domain name in Network Domain and then to enter the SID we have to first look for SID in regedit

  2. Goto Windows>Run and type REGEDIT… Then in Hkey_USERS you will find something like this with your own SID for your system (S-1-5-21-190089466-2791162007-4016149680-1000) Copy this and paste it in the USERINFO table’s SID field.

  3. Save and Start the AOS

You can now log into the AX client.

Hope This Helped.