setting of records

hi i have a tabular form having say 6 records and i have a button ‘change’ on the form. imagining i have selected 3 records on the form and when i clik the ‘change’ button, i have to capture only the 3 selected records (which i do using ’ SETSELECTIONFILTER’) and for those 3 records i do some modifications. once these modifications are finished i want all the 6 records to be shown again on the form. becos now after the setselection filter is used only the selected records are shown. thanx MK

have you look at form “g/l account list”, function call name “GetSelectionFilter”? i think it is able to do what you mentioned there.

Hi MVGS… The records that are selected are marked in the table, so u can run a line of code that removes all the marks and refresh the form in question. I have tried this and works efficently rgds venax

Hi Thank you for your suggestions. I got the solution. Instead of passing the REC variable to the setselectionfilter, we have to pass a gloabl variable of type REC. and do what eve modifications and modify the table. Thats all. I think Venax, u don need to check on the marked filters or remove the marked filters. MK