Setting a Reorder Level for Inventory Items


Can anyone please tell me how to set Reorder Level for items in inventory so that when the items in inventory are below the reorder level, the program prompts a message that we need to order for these items?

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Set the items replishment system to Purchase

On the Planning Tab set:

Reordering Policy Fixed Reorder Qty.

Set the reorder qty to the level that you want the inventory to reach to reorder.

Set the safety stock if you want to add a buffer.

Enter a reorder quantity, Minimum Order and Maximum and Order multiple.

Select Calculate plan on the purchase requisistion to get those items that meet the requirements

Here is what we use

Reordering parameters

All parameters are set on the SKU card, accessed from the item card à item button à Stockkeeping units, then select the sku you want and press the SKU button

  • Tab – Replenishment

  • Replenishment System – options are

  • Purchase = Purchase from a vendor

  • Prod. Order = Uses Navision Manufacturing to build item (we don’t use this)

  • Transfer = Transfer from another location

  • Purchase

  • Vendor No. = Primary vendor item is purchased from

  • Vendor Item No. = Vendors number, can be different from Navision Item #

  • Lead time = How long you expect it to take from when you order to when it arrives, it uses this to determine timing of purchase orders (ok to leave blank) This is more important for manufacturing, system would try to time PO’s with production runs.- Transfer

  • Transfer-from code = location you would have this transferred from if you set the Replenishment system above to be Transfer

  • Tab – Planning

  • Reordering Policy

  • Blank = do not reorder using the requisition system (use this if you don’t want to have this item called up in a requisition worksheets – same as do not restock in the old system.

  • Maximum Qty. (to start this is what we will use)- Safety Stock Quantity = equal minimum value of inventory you want on hand. Once it falls below this level it will be ordered.

  • Maximum Inventory = amount you will order up to, once you fall below the Safety Stock.

There are many different things that can be set, but most relate to manufacturing and production orders which we do not use.

Then as Jon says, run the requistion worksheet, calculate plan and it will suggest orders.

Hey Beatrice, did this resolve your issue?

hi …can i ask what specific module am i going to setUp? im having the same problem…however i am new to MP and INventory module…


-Ms. Blue

you can set up all parameters at Item card.