SetData GetData not working for extra additional fields in BC Cloud

Hi All,

I want help from you.

I want to display some additional fields in report 411- Vendor Payment Receipt at header level. For that i have converted it by Txt2Al.exe tool and working in AL code. I have added fields, Message to Recipient, Ext Doc No, Curr. Code in PageLoop dataitem and also in setdata function.

Now the issue I am facing is, data for the fields which were there(setdata function) in standard report 411 is coming correct( in my report 50103) but the fields I have added these values are not coming. both values are displaying in header or footer.

  • Chr(177)+
    First(Fields!PymtDiscTitle.Value)+ Chr(177)+
    Fields!VoucherAmt.Value + Chr(177) + Fields!CurrCodeToPrint.Value + Chr(177)+Fields!Message_to_Recipient.Value + Chr(177) +Fields!ExtDocNo1_VendLedgEntry.Value,1)

below is the G/L Register where values are coming.

In Check No, m printing Ext Doc No, Currency = Currency code, and in footer box i want to print ‘Message to Recipient’. Also amount total in words which currently I am printing in body level is coming correct but the same value I can not show at header level(as ‘Summarized By’ function not working at header). Total Amt should come 330(105+110+115) currently its coming 105.

Can we pass variables in setdata and getdata?

Where I am wrong or what I am missing?

If anything not clear, please tell.

Thanks in Advance.

Well this should work (and do for me, in another report), is your data correct in your dataset?