Set field to be mandatory on Card Page

Hey All,

Working with NAV 16

I’ve got a page action on a card page that creates a new customer record, essentially. It’s called ‘Create Client’

My goal is to make a certain field on this page, ‘Client Code’ mandatory.

I don’t need the field to be mandatory ALL the time, only when they call the creation process from this page action.

I tried to set field properties to accomplish my task:

ShowMandatory for Client Code = TRUE

But this doesn’t actually enforce that the user enter this code before closing the card page.

NotBlank for Client Code = YES

This didn’t work because it only prevents the user from closing the page with a blank client code IF it originally was filled in. In my situation now I need it to be enforced, where if a record will be saved from the action then a ‘Client Code’ must be entered.

Are there any properties that I missed?

The code for the page action:

Create Client - OnAction()
// create a new Client

- OnAction()

- OnAction()

- OnAction()

New Work Order - OnAction()
IF VAR_CreditHold THEN
ERROR(‘Customer has credit hold. Cannot create work order.’);

// exit is customer is inactive
IF (Inactive) THEN

IF (VAR_CustomerRec.GET(“No.”)) THEN

On the OnQueryClosepage trigger you can add a code to check if the field Client code is filled in.

Found the OnQueryClosePage trigger.

Should I perform the check using TESTFIELD?

You can use TESTFIELD or you can give your own error message using Error function.

used this on the trigger.

IF Client_code = ‘’
ERROR(‘Please insert a value into the Client code field’);

thanks !

Yes, this will work, when user tries to close the page and if Client code is blank then user will get this message.

1 I would perform this check in table-trigger OnModify. Recommended to do it via Events.

2 Property NotBlank does only work on fields that are part of primary-key.

3 Property ShowMandatory only informs the user, that the field should contain some value. It does not demand anything.

Otherwise: More correct syntax is using FIELDCAPTION:
ERROR(‘Please insert a value into the field “%1”.’, FIELDCAPTION(“Client Code”));

And to be perfect, use Textconstants :wink: