Set control visibility using IncludeInDatabase property set to true functionality.

I know that if we define a Boolean Variable in Global Variables (set IncludeInDatabase property to true) and i can give this variable name as value for property Visible of Any Control. when form loads or some another trigger i can set this value and based on this that control’s visibility set. check this link … perty.aspx

But i now suppose i want to set that control visibility using this functionality on some checkbox activate and deactivate . How can i do that?



i would like to know that anwser too.


Experts!!! pls help us…!!!

help!!! help!!!

make it in the OnAfterValidate trigger

For a Page … I open C/AL code . But i did not find on AfterValidate trigger?

If possible can you write down some code or screenshots for it?

anybody have any idea about it?