set checkbox field in form


i have a question guys,

i would like to update form without saving modifications in the database, in fact i have in my form a checkbox field , when i ckeck this field in one row i need that some rows in the same form be checked (based on some condition)

The update is just needed have impact on the form as i said previously not in the database

where i have to call CurrentForm.update ? is there any other suggest ?

maybe CurrForm.checkboxfield with some function could help?

thanks a lot for help

Hi Carlos,

If you want to make changes on the form and these are not reflected permanently on the database, then you can use the TemporaryTable property. This will operate like a normal table but the data is only held at run-time.


  1. Declare table as temporary

  2. Fill the table with data

  3. Amend at will

  4. Write back to normal table if required or data is lost on form close.

thanks Dave, its a good hint but maybe its important to mentionn that the action of update form should take place at the same time with the first ckecking the field, so maybe we must write the code behind the onActivate checkbox field trigger . m i right ?

OnValidate would be better. No need to modify a bunch of records unless the value changes. OnActivate could be fired simply by using the arrow keys and moving over the field.