Service Module

Hi All,

I have query what is use of service module in Navision, and how it use. is it use for the service related company or some thing else, i have gone through the manual , but its now clear to me.

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Service module is use for service industry wherein company provides service or doing project management.

Hi Amol,
Thanks for the reply, as you said that service module is use for
service ,
Means all the service related item will be created over here ,
i need one suggestion from you.we are providing the servie like AMC for laptop,desktop, etc.
in that case different serial number we have , where i can
write these serial number , in service item card, as i gone through the servie
oder from, here how can i apply the tax structure ( its NAVISION 2009 SP1) , because its not showing this feild.
suppose i have sell one product for example laptop, now after 9 months the customer want
AMC on it for 1 year , how can make the service order for it.
because if i attach the product item number to service item number its inventory value goes
negative, but in real only we are providing the service which has nothing related to its
inventory of that particular item.


Microsoft has released Hot Fix (Service management with IN Localisation IN NAV 2009 SP1) to use Structures in Service Module.

You need to merge it in NAV2009SP1 first to use structures.

Or You can download latest version NAV2013 which has above Hot Fix by default.

Hi Mohana,

can you share the link of the download, or if you have hotfix with can you share the hotfix .



You can download NAV2013IN version here

You can find released Hot Fixes for NAv2009SP1 here (You need partnersource login for this)