Server not responding (TCP/IP error ECO

We have started getting the following error when runing a backup or a large report from a client computer: The Server is not responding anymore (TCP/IP error ECONNRESET). Try the following things in the specified order: 1. Start the client again. 2. Start the server and the the client again. 3. Check the TCP/IP installation. Anybody can help? Krishna Das Developer

Hi, We have just solved the same problemm with one of our client. This is network problem. If you try to ping you server you will have lost data some times. This is a problem. Ask you network profettionals solve this problem. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Othe possible reason is that the default port that the Navision Server service uses is for some reason busy or already taken by another application. In that case the solution is to redirect the service to use different from the default port in Services file of both server and client computers. For more information you can check the Installation and System Management Guide. good luck.