serial numbers.


I gone through the manual , I done some transactions with serial numbers.

I found one thing.

Is it not possible to assign the serial numbers without registration concept through Purchas order.

Please clarify my doubt.



What I am asking is Assign Serial Numbers Manually.

Is it not possible to assign the serial numbers manually with Registration concept in purchase order.

This is not strictly true if you order 1, because you can set this on the line. However if you order more than 1 you need to use registration to tell the system each serial number, there is only one serial number field on the line, and you cannot enter more than 1 in here.

Thanks Steven,

Except Registration , is there any another way to assign the serial number series.

Let me know.


  1. Have the system generate the number through the serial number batch group.

  2. Only ever order a quantity of 1 and define it on the line.

What is your issue with the registration screen - it is the best process method to do this, it is that simple.