Serial No. process time on orders takes too long

When we assign serial numbers to a customer order line for a quantity of 500, Navision takes more than 47 minutes to process. Does anyone experienced similar order quantities and times? The process time seem to increase exponentially with the order quantity. (Other info: we have NAvision 3,60a, the serial number tracking code card is set to SN specific tracking. In the order line we do Line > item tracking lines> > Create customize SN. Navision assigns the serial numbers fast, but it is when we exit this window it takes 45 minutes to return to the order window.)

I was preparing a case some time ago, with pallets on SN’s and I experienced exactly the same… in the end I had to turn of Serial Numbering.

Hi everybody, I have been test in this case,which I assign the serial number for 5000 quantites of one item.The program takes time less than 1 minute.I think that in your case may have the causes from the machine or the network.Please check that things again. Best regards.