Serial No. Availability

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do a negative adjustment on an item (83 pieces in Location 001).
The item is tracked by Serial No.
When I try to add Serial Nos for the total quantity(the 83 items), I get a warning icon in the Availability, Serial No. field…

Why is that???How can I correct it???

Check whether that serial no and serial no stock available on that location .

How to do that???

Go to Ledger of that Item i.e Item Ledger Entries and then you can check.

I went to Item ledger entries and checked…the last serial no. used is NS701…

I am assigning Serial no. automatically…when I do that, it indicates that Serial nos. such as NS2399 is not available…

I don’t understand anything…

You need to check the stock available for the serial no on that location for which you are doing negative adjustment.

Check whether stock is available for serial no NS02339 .

Stock is not available…

So, what to do???

Then you can not do negative adjustment

For Stock Avaialbility you can do any one of the following

  1. You need to transfer stock from another location to that location

  2. You need to purchase the item

I have to do the adjustment because I need the location to be empty…

when I try to display the availability of my item by locatio, here are the values displayed for my location:

Gross requirement: 0
Scheduled Receipt: 0
Planned Receipt: 0
Projected available balance: 83
Available inventory: 83

So, what shall I do to empty the location???

In Item Tracking Lines form, did you click Functions–>Assign Serial No.'s or Functions–>Select Entries?

I clicked Functions–>Assign Serial No.'s

No, You have to click the Select Entries which will show you the available inventory with serial no.'s

It finally worked [:D]

You saved my life, Mohana !!!

Thanks for your patience, Amol [:)]