Serenic Payroll

We purchased Serenic as an integrated payroll system with Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 running on MS SQL 2005. We are not able to get to employee hours once we posted them to diffferent dimensions. Does anyone know where this data is stored and how to retrieve it for evaluations?


Duran McNeal


I don’t understand exactly what you are asking when you speak of posting them to different dimensions…

But here’s a baseline explanation of the Serenic workflow.

Time Entry via Time Journal or Payroll Journal

Dimensions can be added for each record and stored in Journal Line Dimensions table

Calculate / Print Paychecks in Payroll Journal

Post Payroll Journal – entries are posted to PR Ledger Entries-ID 37032300, which contains Global Dimensions

Dimension values are posted to Ledger Entry Dimensions table

If the evaluation is not based on global dimension 1 or 2, your report will need to look at both the PR Ledger Entries and Ledger Entry Dimension tables. Filter Ledger Entry Dimension records on table id 37032300.


Let me restate the issue.

We are entering employee hours into the “Time Journal”…

HOURLY Hourly Journal - Time Journal
Date Worked Employee No. Emp.Name Payroll Control Code Division Code Product Type Code Crew Code Job Activity Code Project Code Description Hours Hourly Pay Rate Earnings
12/29/09 1006 Joe Employee EREG RES AEOLUS WINDOW 8000 5200 12010 Regular Hourly Pay 4.50 23.89 107.51
12/29/09 1006 Joe Employee EREG COMM 2.0 WINDOW 7000 3200 12044 Regular Hourly Pay 6.50 23.89 155.29

Once we post the “time Journal” entries, we do not know what table this detailed data with the hours is kept. Our desire would be to export out into Excel to evaluate for department and job costing and performance. We can see the association in the payroll journal showing columns for the desired fields.

I hope this explains our issue a little more clearly.



I do work with Serenic solution as a developer,you should channel such requests to your partner who I am sure will assist you promptly.

All this data is stored in table 37032352[Time Journal Line].

You might create a form to display these entries or a design a report for analysis.

Thank you for valuable suggestions.


You could copy and paste the records into Excel. from the Time Journal and save them. Time Journal is not ‘saved’ in it’s entered stateanywhere but you could also go to the Payroll Ledger Entries and filter on HOUR* and look at the Hours worked or filter on EARN* and look at the Earnings in the Amount field and hours the earnings are based off of in the Taxable Amounts. I.E. EARN REG, the taxable amount will be the hours the Earnings amounts is calculated based off of. This will not show you the Hourly Pay Rate though.