Separator (,) after three decimal in report

I want separator after three decimal in my report,

for e.g my amount is 4,00,000. (4 lakhs ).

i want 400,000 (400 hundred thousand )

and same in amount in words.

What version of NAV/BC are you running?

if you are running RDLC, then this is a setting on your field in the report.

i’m using nav 2013 r2 report builder 3.0

Right click your field, and go to textbox property and change the number format


it is only reflecting the symbol

you need to clarify what you mean.

What do you exactly need?

You might need to look at Check report to get amount in words

yes i have checked it but the issue is only with the separator i want it after three decimals as shown in above example

In my amount i want the separator(,) after three decimal like 400,000 by default it is showing 4,00,000

in the screen shot by Lars select number and not currency and try

are you showing just number or is it currency amount?

the amount is in usd

strange make sure you are selecting right currency and format

what happens when you format it as number and not as currency ? where the separator is placed?


it shows like this, but i want it to print 400,7.52

I knew this was the issue. your amount is 40 thousand and not 400 thousand

output is correct what i can see

what you are trying to achieve 400,7.52 is wrong and doesnt make sense

but the if the amount is this


Sorry, but I’m not clear to understand the issue.

If you want to change the view only, you can do the simple procedure - convert the decimal part to the text first (to receive .52 by ROUND to integer) and then select Text for “Integer part” and insert “,” after every 3 symbols starting from End (use DOWNTO).

Something like:

  1. SourceText := Format(Number)

  2. DecText := FORMAT(Number-ROUND(Number));

  3. find a position for “.52” in the source Text

  4. Convert SourceText in the loop with INSSTR