Sending PO as mail attachment in AX 2012


Is there a way in AX 2012 that i can send PO directly to vendor from the PO Report screen?

Until AX 2009, we had option to send PO as mail attachment directly from PO report. I didn’t find any such option in AX 2012. Currently, the user is saving PO report in pdf format and then he is sending through mail.



Hi Pranav,

did you try File>Send option on the report…?

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for reply.

In AX 2012, for PO and SO, you have to use print management setup which needs to be done for individual vendor.

Secondly, when confirming PO, You have to print the PO at the same time use print management destination should be checked.

For other reports, process is same as in 2009.


So, dont we have any other go instead of setting the print management for each vendor…? is it because the PO & SO reports are SSRs reports or is there any other business reason for enabling the sending only through print management…?

Pls throw some light if you are aware… :slight_smile:


As of now, i didn’t got any alternative other than print management. Although it looks good but the problem is that PO can’t be send via mail if we are opening it from purchase order confirmation, i can’t send it directly from mail. I have to save the PO in pdf format (which in itself is problem as alignment changes) and than send it through mail.

In AX 2012, although not sure, but i believe most of the reports are SSRS based only. For other reports, the option of mail is still there other than PO or SO.

I don’t know why this feature changed in 2012 and we are managing PO through print management setup only.

I am expecting some more input from other community members.


Hi Pranav,

As you said that in AX 2012 and we are managing PO through print management setup only.

Even you configure the above print management again do need to follow the below processor .

I have to save the PO in pdf format (which in itself is problem as alignment changes) and than send it through mail.

or directly you can send from the PO with saving as a PDF.

please share and the same way I am expecting some more input from other community members.

What is wrong with selecting printer setup, selecting the E-mail option and then defining the the “To” as the email address and the file format as PDF.

Hello adam, I set up the printer under the print management setup for a PO as PDF to be sent to an email address. Now, I am wondering from where I would send this PO?

I found from where to print the PO (PO confirm journals). I am curious to know the PO process steps.

I am wondering what does the posting receipt list mean here?

Will this be done prior to receiving the product?

Once after product is received, then I would assume posting will follow (post product list which I believe is a packing slip )

many thanks

Posting receipt list is basically to alert the warehouser people about the expected receitps so that they can plan the Warehouse space. Receipt list basically will have the details of expected items.

Once after products are received you will post a “Product receipt” which is the physical update of the receipt.

Santosh -

Hi Pranav,

i too have the similar requirement of sending the Purchase Order report as an attachment through mail to the same vendor email.

Please suggest the solution if you have one…

It will be very helpful…


Ajay singh Tomar


I do have a requirement of sending the PO on confirmation. I am able to send it via email for each confirmation.

But In our case we have a batch job which will confirm the PO and then automatically the email should be triggered from the AX to the email ID setup in the form setup.

Environment - AX 2012 R2.




I did similar requirement but for that I had to make change in code and had to avoid print management setup

The code will pick vendor email at the time of confirmation but it won’t reflect any setup from Print Management

With print management you have to setup single mail id per user but changing mail id at the time of confirmation/posting will be a customization in AX class

I hope this will resolve your issue


I am unable to send PO on confirmation to mail,how do we do this one?


Select the print Purchase order check box, then click the printer Set up button > Purchase order. In the print destination settings click on e-mail. Give the desired vendor’s e-mail id and send it.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.

It is not emailing . when I given mail id and click ok it is opening the report but not mailing.


Please go through this link and you will get to know how to send an e-mail. Set up the e-mail parameters and create e-mail templates.

Thanks & Regards,

Parashar Banerjee.

Hi Prashar/Pranav,

I need to automatically send report(as pdf) on PO confirmation to vendor in ax 2012.
I dont have outlook but I am having Lotus notes(IBM) ,is it possible to send reports as email attachment with lotus notes.

Please highlight on the steps to do it.


Murray’s link is marked as private now. You could try using this, too.…/dd362137.aspx

In later versions of AX 2012, Microsoft introduced parameterization of document emails. You can use a placeholder for vendor contacts with a “Purchasing” purpose and then only create a single print management rule.