Sending mass email communication to BC customers

Our team would like to send a mass email communication to all active customers in BC. Is there a way to export the email addresses from all of the customer cards so I can do a mail merge? Or is there a way within BC to complete this effort?

I appreciate your insights!

You can export the email addresses using a (RapidStart) Configuration Package.

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I would either user Jet Reports to extract the data. However, you could also use Export to Excel or Edit in Excel functions on the Customer List page. I’m thinking Edit in Excel is required because I can’t seem to add Email to my Personalization and the Edit in Excel function will export all fields into Excel.

You can set up campaigns in business central and add all of the contacts you would like to email. Then set up a word template on an interaction template with the information you would like to email. Then you can set that interaction on the campaign and run the interaction to email out the word template to all of the contacts.

Ta-Da! Mass email your contacts right from BC and track what was sent and the repies!

Manage interactions with your contacts - Business Central | Microsoft Learn


Thanks! We haven’t used campaigns so I will need to learn more about them. This sounds very do-able. Appreciate your insight!

It isn’t too hard to get all configured the Microsoft Learn docs are pretty helpful! I am happy to answer questions as well if needed!

Thank you - I appreciate that!