Sending Mail with Notes

Since classical Mail Codeunit with MAPI in Navision does not fully support the Notes Mail (ResolveName error !). I am trying to use Notes Automation. Everything is going well but when it comes to Attach a file into mail, I get “The Data type is not supported by C/SIDE” message. Funtion is; EmbedObject(EMBED_TYPE lType, BSTR pClass, BSTR pSource[, BSTR pName]) and Type does not fit into C/SIDE. How can I overcome this problem , has anyone experienced any problems with?? Thanks, Baris Edited by - SNielsen on 2001 Mar 19 22:58:45

Often by doing the same in eg. Visual Basic, which lets you inspect the different settings, you can “translate” the argument to something useful for Navision. Have you consulted the help for the automation library? Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group

Yes I checked but not found anything or do not know what to look…!!!

We are on our way to implement Navision financial and would like to know how to use the email capabilities using Lotus Notes without creating any profiles. Could you please give any ideas or even the Notes Automation code you are using I would really appreciate it??? New with Navision need any help available!!! thanks

Hi, what is the “Reolve Mail Error”? I think i get this error message if I try to send an E-Mail through the Standard-Customer-Form with Lotus Notes! The text of the Error Message is (translated from German): The Call to them Member ResolveName was failed: Mapi Messages returns the follwing message: Not Supported Anyone some Idea how i can cancel this error, and be able to send an E-Mail with attachemt through Lotus Notes? Thanks Bastian

Just some ideas:

  • Microsoft MAPI Messages Control, version 6.0 does support ResolveName method. Can it be that you have an older version of MAPI installed?
  • Outlook 2000 (at least in the Exchange Server Version) has integration of Lotus Notes mail. Probably it’s an idea to install this feature: Navision would send the mail via Mapi to Outlook which would forward it to Notes.
  • NF 3.0 doesn’t need the ResolveName call in the Mail codeunit anymore. Instead they have written an own Mapi wrapper ‘Navision Solutions - ApplicationHandler 1.0’.MAPIHandler. Probably you might use this tool and take NF 3.0’s Mail codeunit as example.
    ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Isn’t their are any better way to do this instead of Configuring Outlook client and then forwarding to Notes. We are about 500 users and i am kind of hesitant with that approach, just imagine the support needed to maintain this kind of environment. I believe Navision should work towards a standard approach to resolve this issue using Lotus Notes.

I don’t think it’s Navision’s job to solve problems interfacing particular applications. Navision supports non-visual OCX controls and that’s about it. It is up to the developer which interfaces or OCX’s he want’s to call from within Navision. (e.g. Excel, Word, XML, MAPI, Notes). It’s just lucky chance that Navision supplies us with an example-codeunit which deals with MAPI 2.0. But that’s not more or less than simple curtesy. So if Notes turns out not to be MAPI 2.0 compatible you don’t have other chances than writing your own Notes-interface using the generic OCX interface provided from within Navision. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

LaserNet Mail Makes it possible to send all finished forms automatically through standard mail systems that support Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. The form is attached to an e-mail in PDF-format (Portable Document Format), and address, subject, and contents are filled in automatically based on information received from the data stream.

I had the same problem and think it is because Navision do found the constant EMBED_ATTACHMENT that is used in the first parameter. Replacing it with 1454 as a BigInteger (1454L) solved my problem.