Sending invoices through NAV 5.0

Hello all,

Can someone help me with this issue. We use NAV 5.0 SP1. We want to send invoices and sales quotes directly in Nav. Now we save the invoice/quote in PDF, save the file (rename etc) and the send the file. I heard about Bullzip (pdf printer). How can I make it work?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Frits,

There are many ways to do it. Bullzip was also my favorite in the classic versions.

If you want an idea how to do it, then check out this:


Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply. Can i just import the NAV objects? Are the ready to use or should they get customized? If so, how? And what are the settings in Bullzip?

Thanks again!!

The example uses PDFCreator - not Bullzip. But if you have a bit of experience in NAV development, then it should not be too difficult to replace the calls in the code to PDFCreator, with the similar calls to Bullzip.

Just remember that Bullzip is only free up to 10 users. After that you must get their commercial product bioPDF.

Both products are actually developed by our members Jacob Reinholt (works at the ISV ForNAV) and used in Expandit MailIT (ISV product using BullZip for Navision since the DOS version).

Hi Erik. We cannot install PDFCreator, because we use terminal server, there is no trial version available. So I cannot see in the CU50006 which automation calls are made for pdfcreator. Can I email you a screenshot? Thanks!

I can replace PDFCreator into BullZip in the C/AL in codeunit 50006, but I don’t know what to choose for BullZip printers in de C/AL Globals:

Name DataType Subtype Length
PDFCreator Automation Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class
PDFCreatorError Automation Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class
PDFCreatorOptions Automation Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class
SavePDFCreatorOptions Automation Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class
DefaultPrinter Text 30
PrintReport Integer
Bullzip Automation ???
BullzipError Automation ???
BullzipOptions Automation ???
SafeBullzipOptiona Automation ???

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