Sending Email alerts failed

Hi Everybody,

I’m working with Ax 2009…i’ve configured all the setting for alerts.but my “E-mail alerts” does’nt work (i.e) i’m not getting the alert messages which i see them as notifications through mails.

Can anybody help me out?



Hi Raji,

Can you tell me the process how you configured the settings for alerts.




please referr this URL

You email alerts do or do not work? Have you put in your email settings?

Administration>Setup>Email Parameters


Yes i have done all the setups for E-mail alerts but i get an error notification saying "An error occurred while processing the batch job E-mail distributor batch. The following task(s) failed: E-mail distributor batch"

can anybody help me.


Hi Rajarajeshwari,

Check this setup…

Administartion ---- Setup ---- Server configuration ---- Here in this form check that ‘IsBatchServer’ check box should be ‘Marked’…

Naresh Kolli

Hi Naresh, I’ve already checked the “IsBatchSerrver” checkbox. I’ve done setups in the following areas. 1. Administration\Periodic\E-mail processing\Batch 2. Administration\Setup\Server configuration 3. Administration\Setup\Batch groups 4. Administration\Setup\E-mail parameters 5. Basic\Setup\Microsoft Office Outlook\Microsoft Office Outlook Setup Wizard In this wizard,when i click “Use current microsoft office profile”.It prompts me with an error “Could not communicate with Microsoft Office Outlook client.” .Will this be the issue? If i’d missed out any step let me know. Please Help. Regards, Rajee

hi rajarajeshwari,

did u get solution?

When the batch failed, it has an error that you can go check. Go to (Basic>Inquiries>Batch Job), and then find the email distributor batch job, and click history, then find the errored one and click “log” to see more detailed information about why it failed.

The class is Classes\SysEmailDistributor if you have a developer who can put in a breakpoint and quickly tell you why the batch failed. I would I would venture to guess that your email parameters, under (Admin>Setup>Email Parameters) are incorrect, or not authenticating correctly.

Hi All,

thanks for your replies,my email notification dint work because the mail id with which i will be sending mails was not configured correctly.I reconfigured the mail id again and it solved the problem.

Hi frnd,

Refer this link…