Sending Custom Response in web service

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me how to send a custom field (which are not a primary key) as response in a web service.

Thanks in advance

Can you please elaborate your question?

I guess you’re talking about AIF document services, but it’s not clear how and what you’re trying to achieve. The remark about a primary key may suggest that you’re using a wrong operation. Or maybe you’re trying to add fields to an existing document and you don’t know how.

Hi martin,

Thanx for your response.

yes it is about AIF service. in this i am sending my primay key as response by default, now i need to customize it as i need to send two more fields as response. but i am not getting how to do that.

can you help me in this.

Which service operation are you talking about in the moment?
Is it a custom document or are you trying to change an existing one? Do you know how to use the standard document services, such as CustCustomerService?

it is a custom document. not a standard one.