Send SSRS report as PDF attachment in email using Batch Job Processing

I have follow these step but have not received any email. But Workflow mail alerts working fine.

  1. I have set the Print destination settings form.
  2. Click the Batch tab.
  3. Select the Batch processing check box.
  4. In the Task description field, accept the default description of this batch job or enter a new description.
  5. From the Batch group list, select the batch group that this batch job will be a part of.
  6. Click Recurrence. The Recurrence form is displayed.
  7. Specify how often the report is printed. Then click OK to close the Recurrence form.
  8. Click Alerts. The Set up alerts for batch jobs form is displayed.
  9. Specify how and when you want to receive alerts for the batch job. Then click OK to close the Set up alerts for batch jobs form.
  10. Click OK to print the report to the selected destination on a recurring basis.

Any suggestions

Your steps don’t mention setting the print destination to email. Did you do that?

Yes I have follow these steps for print destination:

Select E-mail for print destination
To- mail address
cc- mail address
Subject- Report name
file format- PDF
select all pages

Does it work without batch? If not, we can simplify the problem and debugging by removing batch processing from the question.

Yes its working without Batch processing.

Does the batch succeeds? Does it log anything into infolog? Gets anything logged in event logs?

Thanks dear Martin for your kind reply. we have multiple servers one have configured our outlook on that server batch processing working fine.