Send Report thorugh Email

Hi All,

I configure batch from class which send report But if report size 2 KB its blank report and more than 2kb have some values.

Kindly suggest me if report have more than 2KB then only send a mail other wise not.

What is your question ? Kindly elaborate more …

I create report for show some orders which send through mail on daily basis for that i create class and configure batch.

but some time there is no any orders but because of batch mail are generated and send the mail but there is no any data only show header in the report.

So i want to change such way in class if there is any order are come then only report are generated through class coding are below

void GenerateIncompleteOcNumberList()
Args aa = new Args(“Tvc_OrderwithIncompleteDetails”);
ReportRun rn = new ReportRun(aa);
Sysmailer mailer;
str150 _filename1;
InteropPermission perm;
_filename1 = strfmt(‘IncompleteOrders%1.html’,date2str(systemdateget(),123,2,0,2,0,4));;

perm = new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ComInterop);

mailer = new sysmailer();
mailer.fromAddress(“From add”);
mailer.ccs().appendAddress(“To add”);
mailer.subject(“Incomplete OC Numbers”);

mailer.SMTPRelayServer(“server add”);
mailer.attachments().add(“folder name”+_filename1);