Send email when inventory is low

I have been put in charge of making sure that our brochures are on stock, and our other marketing material such as merchandise.
Since i dont use AX, I really want to automate this process and use AX as little as possible.

My dream senario is that i can set an e-mail alert for all the item numbers i am responsible for. So when a brochure goes below 50 items in stock i will get an email.

I have been told this is not possible. is this true?
We use Microsoft dynamics ax 2012. I dont want the system to automaticlty order new brochures since alot of times there is changes i have to make to the designfile. and i prefer to order using my Outlook. so all i need is a notist that its time to look at a specific brochure etc.

Edit: I works as a designer, so please “Explain it like im 5” :slight_smile:

Hi, you need to use the MRP. If enabled and working once you enter the minimum coverage (item setup coverage) you will be able to see your stock in distress.

You could always decide whether to confirm and then create the purchase order