Send Alert to multiple User in AX 2009?

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I would like to know is there any way to Send Alerts to Multiple Users in AX 2009? And flow of alert send process for single user(which class or method)?

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We had quite a few discussions on alerts in this forum. Also I posted code to send alerts not very long ago. Please can you search?

Did a quick look up and found this -

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But my question was not to send alert to particular user.on the create alert rule form i added one more field below user as UserGroup (EDT-UserGroupID). and if i select that field ,then same as the alert go to single user ,it should go to multiple users.


In AX, the table ‘UserGroupList’ stores user group details. Following job would display list of users currently in ‘Admin’ user group.

static void checkUserGroup(Args _args)
UserGroupList UserGroupList;

while select UserGroupList
where UserGroupList.groupId == ‘Admin’
info(strfmt(‘Users - %1’, UserGroupList.userId));

In the form, you can display the user groups. But behind the scene, you can loop through the user group like above and send alerts to all users in this group.

Yes it works.

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But where did u put the while loop code .