Selection/Implementation Process

I’m doing some initial research for my company that is considering one of the Dynamics platforms (AX, GP, etc). I’m just getting into this & trying to understand how the implementation process works. If I understand correctly from Microsoft’s site is that they do not actually support the implementation but rather point you to one of their partners who can assist. Is this correct?

If this is true, what would be the best way to select/identify a partner to work with? Also, will the implementation partner help to find other applications that address business processes not necessarily covered by Dynamics, but yet work as a good add-on?


Check for partner customer reference list. Also Microsoft has PDF with the add-on list.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On Solutions Catalog

Try this article, it may help to get you started:

Please be noted the followings :—

  1. For implementation process, a company needs a Channel partner. Microsoft never deal directly with End user/customer.

  2. Any information/updates/material regarding the product, all are provided by channel partner.

  3. Regarding channel partner, a person can go through the internet & can check the Channel partner who are in Navision implementation.

  4. Implementation process is the domain of Channel partner. But if a person is interested in knowing the process of implementation, he can swim in “INTERNET SEA” & get all the relevant informtion.

You should know that most of us are or have been associated with MS partners.

From my perspective, the single greatest difficulty you are going to have with your partner is the ability to staff your project. I think its safe to say that every VAR will have at least one go-to-professional, but if they only have a few, that person will be stretched very thin when the VARs business picks up.

That might lead you to believe that you want the largest possible VAR (I happen to work for a very large VAR). This is not the case.

Even large VARs find themselves stretched thin from time to time. If, as a client, you are too small – you’ll find yourself having a tough time finding the leverage to attract the best resources even when they are available.

Of course the need for the very best consultants diminishes if you have a very straightforward implementation there will be less of a need for such in-demand consultants.

Therefore, you want to find a VAR that matches your businesses size and complexity, and have plans to transition to another VAR if either of those change.

You probably don’t have a very good idea of hwo complex you are, since the complexity is less in yoru business, and more in how parts of your business match areas of GP/NAV/AX that are weak/strong. After talking to a few VARs you should get an idea of how complex you are for a given product by paying close attention to the even the most gentle warnings. Remember, everything is possilbe, but somethings are harder than others, and that is what you want to be sensitive to. Also remember, that the more “enterprise” the system is (think SAP, AX, etc.) the more difficult and expensive it is to address the weaknesses in the product.