Selecting only the first record from lookup

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How could i select only the first record only from a lookup whereas cant access the other records but can view it?

Suppose having 4 lines on the lookup but able to select the first one only.

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please describe in more detail what you need.

it’s not clear what you want.

How do you sort the selected/filter records ?

Does User can able to change sorting method by selecting others key (if exist) ?

Try it:

Form/Page - OnQueryCloseForm() : Boolean

Record.SETCURRENTKEY(Field1, [Field2],...)
   RecordVar2 :=Record.

I am having a lookup field(table relation )in a subform. Now i have multiple lines there. I want that the user can only able to select the first line from that lookup not the other lines.

How could i do so??

Thanks all


is there any line number for subForm? If exist, in that case it is possible…

yes, its having line no…So do i need to close the lookup from property & write it through code?

But how to catch only the first line ?

to get only the first record redefine the filter criteria, so that you only get one line as lookup result, add e.g. line no. = 10000.

for writing lookup code follow

use rec.findfirst to get only the first record of a filtered result or use get function.


you can set a filter on the table relation to select only the first line. Go to the table option/Table relation/set the filter between the source table and the destination table based on the line number.

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is your question answered ?

yes, thank you all

please verify the answers, which helped you to find a solution. thx.

In on lookup trigger…

after setrange the by the common field the findfirst has worked for me.

IF PAGE.RUNMODAL(50087,pagename)=ACTION::LookupOK THEN



record.SETRANGE(HpLedger.“Proposal No”,“Proposal No.”);

record.SETRANGE(HpLedger.“I.C No”,“Customer Nos.”);

record.SETRANgE(HpLedger.“Payment Status”,FALSE);


“Line No”:=record.“Entry No”;

“Installment Amount”:= record.“Due Amount”;

“Due Date”:= record.“Due Date”;