select with String in where clause


I am trying to write a select when I’m using string in where clause my example is as follows:

inventDim inventDim;

str 255 a, b;

a = “WH1, WH2”;

b = strReplace(a, ", ", " || ");

while select inventDim where inventDim.InventLocationId == b




It is not working that way when I hard coded it like == “WH1” || “WH2” its working but I want to make it work for dynamic a string

Any sugestions?

Thank You!

After String replace, the value in b will be WH1 || WH2(without quotes) and not “WH1” || “WH2”

So what is your location ID in the table?? Is that what you are missing?

Thank you

I did it with query() like this: where warehouseParm are my Whses with ", " between them

queryBuildDataSource = query.addDataSource(TableNum(InventDim));

queryBuildRange = queryBuildDataSource.addRange(FieldNum(InventDim, InventLocationId));


queryRunInventDim = new QueryRun(query);

while (


inventDim = queryRunInventDim.getNo(1);

Why don’t you simply use the following statement?

select inventDim
where inventDim.InventLocationId == 'WH1'
   || inventDim.InventLocationId == 'WH2'