Select query not showing correct results

Hi all,

I’m having a little trouble with AX lately, I was wondering if anyone could help me on these topics

Where does a select button’s query get generated?

And, which class and method do i put breakpoints in to debug and see the query actually work?

Is there like a tutorial to know how to debug in AX.

Thank you

It depends on what query you are using. There shouldn’t be any problem with the query generator. The problem should be with using the generated query? What exactly is your problem?

Okay, so there are records in every month and my goal is to show those records but with some filters. There is a start date field in my dialog which has a calendar drop down to select from. Then there is a select button (the query generator), when i select the query generator, and input the required table, derived table and field, i have to select a criteria, now I have been give a task to show these records on a weekly and monthly basis. But, when i use methods like dayRange or monthRange, it’s not showing the records as expected. Like, when i try to get records for september 2016, i don’t get any result when there actually are entries for that month to be shown. Also, for multiple conditions it shows the same set of results if it all it displays anything (but in most cases it doesn’t show anything)

Is that for a report? Where you are using dayRange and monthRange?
It would be difficult for anyone to answer without providing the enough details. Please explain it in a general way.

Attach the Visual Studio debugger to the Microsoft Dynamics AX server process (Ax32Serve.exe). Press F5 to run the project. When the debugger reaches a breakpoint in the service, it will stop and you can then step through the service code to know more -…/gg860898.aspx