segment line deletion process is consuming more time...?


Is it possible to optimize the process of deletion in Segment line…it is takeing 5 - 6 mins. to delete 8000 may be due to managing the segment criteria lines and segment history tables during the process of deletion.Can we avoid this process(managing Criteria lines and segment history) during deletion of segment lines… will there be any side effects by avoiding this process…?

is there any other solution to optimize the deletion process…

Yes definitely room for optimization, butit will depend onn your specific implementation.

I have always found problems with the command DELETEALL(TRUE); (even in small record sets) And I think on SQL its even more of a problem than Native. So step one might be to replace theese commands with FINDSET and loop and delete each one individually.

Its just a starting point though, you really are going to need to do some code coverage and profiling to sort this one out.