Security Sub Roles


I hope you can help explain an issue I have please with Security Roles. In AX2012 R3 we have a Collection Agent Security role which is a standard out the box security role that allows a user to create a collections case but when we added this role as a sub role to a bespoke role this stops working…


Could you tell me why this would be?

Thanks and greatly appreciate your help!


Are there any role permission overrides that are assigned to either the parent role or any of the other sub-roles that might interfere with the creation of collection cases? For example, if an override permission to the collection cases table was set to Read it would stop a user assigned this role from being able to perform that action regardless of what other security is assigned.

Thanks for your help fp_alexmeyer - in the end the issue was down to case type security! (Organisation Admin → Setup → Cases → Case Type Security) I added the role in there and my issue was resolved.