Security questions

Hi all! I need some ideas on how to do this: 1. Is it possible to log who released (USER ID) the PO and make sure that nobody can alter a PO that could have been communicated to the Vendor (printed)? 2. How can we make sure that printed (or communicated to Vendor) PO are somehow archived as such? We want to make sure that only when a Released PO , printed once cant be re-printed again. 3. We need the ability to limit the type (FA, GL, Item) accessible to a Buyer or a group of buyers. Some buyers are G/L others are Items. Thanks.

1/ add field “Released By” to T38 and posted inv rec crdt ret headers. In on insert add code to populate. 1a/ risky, but just test the fielld printed before modfying. You need to think this one through , as the logic is ver complex. 2 is this pat of 1a? 3/ I thought you already asked that in anoteher post,