security key for the address & contact info tabs in Organization Detail form


I am having a difficulty to find out which security keys should be granted for the Addresses & Contact Info tabs in Organization Detail form??? user can’t see those 2 tabs.

thanks in advance.

ps. user can add/delete record at Organization detail > setup > address form

BasicTable is the securtiy key, but so is the DirPartyInternalOrganizationTable which is the rest of the organisation table.

I know BasicTable is the security key for the table and also user has full control over Organization Unit table but no help.

It has obviously been taken away, perhaps at the lower level but you would need to go through the permissions to see what is full control and what is not. I presume they just have not hid it in the design, or the business has not designed them out?

If I do Admin > Setup > user group > (choose one) > permissions > (choose company) > permission > security > “Basic” and “HR” nodes then ‘Full control’ and ‘Cascade’ it shows those 2 tabs but this is not what I want.

and I also use a security profiler from MS to get securities associated with but this also doesn’t help.

I know I missed some of keys but even security profiler can’t suggest proper one.