Security development tool for ax 2012 r2

Hi All,

Does security development tool work in ax 2012 r2 ?

because i got the error seen in the screenshot after installing security development tool in ax 2012 r2

while accessing from system administration->setup->security->security entry point permission.

when ever i click the link security entry point permission am getting this error.

is there any hotfix or workaround for the below error.



Yes, it works for me without any issues. Have you compiled the application?

Hi Martin

Thanks for the reply.

I did not compile the application.

That’s likely the problem. Please compile your application and synchronize the database.

Next time, follow Install the Security Development Tool.

After compiling it works, thanks Martin

Could you please mark the answer, so it’s clear that this thread is closed and that people can find the answer in future? Thank you.