Second service

We have installed a Navision server, which operates correctly (Service-name = NAVISION). Then we tried to install a second service for testing purposes (a copy of the production-database (Service-name = TEST)). After starting the second service, Windows says: ------------------ A system error has occured system error 1 has occured incorrect function could not start navision service ------------------ When we shut down the first service (which was running when starting the second service) and start the TEST-service, the TEST-service will execute properly. But starting a second service is not possible. We use a databaseserver 3.70 on a Windows 2000-server. Does anyone know what causes this problem?

Have you update the services file? How did you install the second service? if copied form the first service, did you delete all zup/cache files? To what database is the service connected? Did you search this forum?