Search for MultiCaption Translate Tool

I search for a tool to translate our add-ons Navision in multi-caption, who would use a file created with tools / translate / export to create other one of it with a second language code. Thanks a lot Etienne PRUVOST GESWAY S.A.

I recently did a project where I ported mods from a worldwide DB written by a German NSC to a US DB. The German NSC’s original version had all the captions, forms, dialog boxes, etc. in German. The German NSC made an effort to translate all the captions, etc. into English, but the results were not always 100% right. Sometimes the English translations were unintelligible, sometimes captions weren’t translated at all, sometimes German captions were flagged as “ENU=Caption” instead of “DEU=Kaption.” I found that Systran’s web site was often very helpful. Systran also offers pay services, plus I believe they do sell shrinkwrapped translation software as well. I don’t think anyone has created an addon to do translations of captions automatically in Navision. Even if such a tool did exist, you still have might to go into the code itself to translate error messages, dialog boxes, etc. --Tim Horrigan ------- Tim Horrigan

Thank’s a lot, Tim I already prepare captions in French version : messages I have already prepared objects in French version to facilitate passage in multi-caption : messages are in “text constants”… I just search of a tool to convert files created by Tolls/Translate/export. I think that a NSC has already made it, because version 2.01 is already more than a year old, and Navision is in two languages in Belgium for example. Best regards Etienne PRUVOST GESWAY S.A.

Try to ask your NTR. Navision has Translation Tool.

No, then just have a dos’translation tool to translate captions in versions before 2.00, not to translate in multi-caption Best regards Etienne PRUVOST GESWAY S.A.

Etienne, That not correct, they DO actually have a version of the Translation Tool that supports multilanguage. However, as multilanguage is only available in reports for now (except for Belguim) the tool is not available. It really makes sense, as you cannot sell a multilanguage license to an end user anyway. /Lars