SDLC in an ERP(Dynamics AX )

What is the SDLC role in an ERP(Dynamics AX) and how SDLC differes in an ERP system?

Do you mean within AX or do you mean to use AX? Do you mean technologically or implementation wise?

Each ERP solution will be different. Talking purely form an implementation perspective you would need to look at SureStep.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for such a quick reply!!

As we follow SDLC cycle in software development so How does SDLC cycle differs when we implement( can include customizations also) an ERP(in general) system??

Also How it can differ Technologically wise ?

Please explain

At a broad level nothing changes, you plan, analyse, design and implement, however in an implementation these can be split out into finite detail with the customisation only a small part of the project. It differs by technology because each author has a best practice approach and they sell this approach. Microsofts is SureStep - I suggest, if you can, that you look at this.